Clinton Area Millwork & Staircase Parts Supply

Staircase & Millwork Supply in Clinton is here with all of your millwork and staircase installation needs! We keep the following in stock:

Quality Staircase Parts for Your Clinton Installation or Renovation

Whether you are constructing a new stair in your home in Clinton or are looking to replace specific parts to restore your current staircase, we can help you! Staircase & Millwork Supply offers our customers an excellent supply of milled staircase parts that will match your home whether you are going for more of a classic colonial or contemporary Craftsman aesthetic. We have the parts to fit your style and budget including handrails and plywood.

Moulding Styles Available in Our Clinton Stock

You can create a subtle accent or a bold statement in your Clinton home with our various moulding options. We can create custom solutions to meet your specific project needs and carry a large supply of various trim options including:

Crown Moulding
Panel Moulding
Miscellaneous Moulding

Contact Staircase & Millwork Supply in Clinton today to inquire after specific staircase parts or mouldings. We carry a wide inventory and can help you create the staircase of your dreams!





Panel Moulds

Miscellaneous Moulds